Project 300 Early Learning Academy
Enabling Your Child’s Growth

Helping Grades K-2 in Enhancing Their Reading and Learning Skills

Non-profit Org. for Elementary Kids in Clark County, NV

Project 300 Early Learning Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving early learning foundations. We proudly serve Clark County, Las Vegas & surrounding areas in Nevada and are funded by donations. Our mission is to enhance the quality of education and learning for all children.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Project 300 Early Learning Academy to bring hope and resources in literacy to Grade K-2 families in the quest to educate their child. Our activities are based on the fundamental belief that all children can learn. We aim to empower the underserved population by removing obstacles and providing online tutoring.

Strengthening the Foundation

At Project 300 Early Learning Academy, we are committed to strengthening the foundation of learning within our community. We support easing the burden of educating elementary school children who are behind in foundational learning & reading skills.

Personal Tutoring Services

Project 300 Early Learning provides personal one-on-one tutoring and online classes. We always encourage parent participation. Connect with us if you are interested in helping your child with early learning.

Visit our about page to learn more about us and our vision.